Feijoa Foto
Foto: Feijoa


Was ist eine Feijoa?

Feijoa ist ein exotisches Obst und 100 Gramm haben ca. 55 kcal oder 230 kj. Der Fettanteil beträgt ca. 0,6g, Der Proteingehalt beträgt ca. 1g. Feijoa hat ca.  13g Kohlenhydrate und davon sind ca.  8g Zucker.

Nährwerte auf 100g: kcal/ kj: 55/ 230

  • Fett: 0,6g
  • Protein: 1g
  • Kohlenhydrate: 13g
  • Davon Zucker: 8g


Wo wird die Feijoa angebaut?

Feijoa wird in diesen Ländern oder Erdteilen angebaut: Frankreich, Israel, Neuseeland, USA.

Wann ist die Erntezeit von der Feijoa?

Januar Februar Maerz April Mai Juni Juli August September Oktober November Dezember
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Feijoa News

Feijoa (Acca sellowiana), goyavier du Brésil

Binette & Jardin (Blog) - 3 Woche alt
Le feijoa est un arbuste fruitier assez peu cultivé en Europe pour sa production de fruits, mais davantage planté dans un but ornemental. Il porte différents noms comme goyavier du Brésil, goyavier-ananas, goyavier de Montevideo, faux...

Did a Kiwi grow the world's heaviest feijoa?
Did a Kiwi grow the world's heaviest feijoa?

Stuff.co.nz - 4 Monat alt
She describes herself as a gardener in the making, but does nothing in particular to help her feijoas grow. The quantity she gets off her trees means she has a lot to experiment with. "I'm about to try making feijoa curd; I haven't tried that yet. Last ...und...

Partner ends monster feijoa's title run
Partner ends monster feijoa's title run

Stuff.co.nz - 4 Monat alt
When he saw the giant feijoa hanging from the fecund tree he could not resist, ending its potentially record breaking growth. The average size for feijoas is about 80g to 90g and they fruit from March to June. Christchurch sisters Charlotte, 6, and ...und...

Turn your feijoas into wine: here's how
Turn your feijoas into wine: here's how

Stuff.co.nz - 4 Monat alt
It is April and so: feijoa, feijoa, feijoa. Feijoas are my single-minded obsession every year as autumn rolls around. I have a huge and extremely prolific feijoa tree in my Auckland city garden and using up the crop is a full-time job when they're in ...und...

Fruit-wrecking pest threatens feijoa season
Fruit-wrecking pest threatens feijoa season

Radio New Zealand - 4 Monat alt
"With this wet season, I think they've bred maybe two or three times. Unlike the fruit fly, this thing will handle cold weather, so it has the capability of being just as much a problem." The Feijoa Growers Association is applying for funding to ...und...

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